MiniFlex accessories

ASC-6 : automatic 6-position sample changer with spinner
Automatic 6-position sample changer is compact and rugged. Integrated spinning improves particle statistics in polycrystalline sample measurements. Fully automatic alignment. Programmable.
Sample holders
Various sample holder are available to meet the specific needs of particular applications.
Specimen rotation attachment
The sample rotation stage allows continuous rotation at variable speed of the sample holder to improve particle statistics during powder diffraction measurements.
BTS 500 high temperature attachment
The high temperature attachment can heat a sample to do in-situ powder diffraction measurements under high temperature conditions from ambient to 500°C.
Graphite monochromator
When used with a scintillation counter, the graphite monochromator optimizes sensitivity by lowering the background level. It improves signal-to-noise by eliminating fluorescence from Mn, Fe, Co, and Ni containing materials.
Air-sensitive sample holder
An enclosed sample holder is available for users studying materials that might degrade in the presence of oxygen.
D/teX Ultra high speed detector
This 1D silicon strip detector is optionally available for fast, high-resolution scanning.